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Pioneer avh-x2500bt parking brake bypass
Just finished installing my pioneer head unit, tried the relay bypass, grounding parking brake wire, and switch. Warning sign still appears and movie plays sound but no video. Should i buy the microbypass or is there another trick?
  • Rafa Felix i believe you have to use a TR7
  • (deleted) The relay works perfect with these radios, I've already done a few of them, including the one on our display wall.

    The "microbypass" is just a smaller relay.

    Please describe how you are hooking up the relay?

    Also, get a friggin dash kit!!! ;)
  • Jonathon Baugh im ordering the dash kit right now. Pin 86 and 87 ground, 30 parking brake wire, 85 amp turn on.
  • (deleted) Where are you grounding it?

    I know it technically does the same thing, but do:

    86 and 30 ground
    87 e-brake (light green from Pioneer)
    85 amplifier turn on (blue/white from Pioneer)
  • Jonathon Baugh Grounding with the other ground wires on the harness. should i do separate ground? Alright ill try it now,
  • (deleted) If switching the relay around doesn't help, do a separate ground to be sure - especially if it was JBL.
  • Jonathon Baugh It didn't work, ill try separate ground yeah it used to be jbl factory amp.
  • Jonathon Baugh I get sound but no video...
  • (deleted) What warning does it give you? Does the blue screen come up and say video not viewable in front seat?

    yea i'd try a different ground, hold the relay and let me know if u feel/hear the relay click shortly after the radio turns on.
  • Jonathon Baugh Yes. I tried two different grounds. Nothing worked. should i try the microbypass or TR7?
  • Jonathon Baugh And yeah the relay clicks
  • (deleted) microbypass won't do anything. all that is, is a small relay. it is the exact same thing as the relay ur using except smaller. easy way to test it. take the ebrake wire, wait until the radio turns on, then touch it to ground (one of the bolts on the bottom of the way will suffice). if it doesnt play, take the ebrake off and reattach.

    btw what is the error message? I had a customer screw with something and the video would not play even when the ebrake was engaged (it was connected properly). Simple reset and everytthing worked again.
  • Jonathon Baugh So i applied the e brake, touched the parking brake wire to ground. Attention viewing is strickly prohibited. Then i disengaged the e brake and retouched the wire to ground. Everything worked. So how should i wire the relay to make it work?
  • (deleted) That's weird. that mode 8 double pulse latched. so it will pulse a negative, open, pulse negative and hold.
  • Jonathon Baugh i also tried hooking up a switch from ebrake wire to ground. Works but i prefer to use the relay
  • (deleted) if u hook up a switch, do u have to flip it twice for it to work?
  • Jonathon Baugh Nope just once after the radio is on. i'm fairly certain that the relay may be clicking twice. So once on and then off. That may be why it isn't working. Plus i am using a starter kill relay
  • (deleted) there is definitely something either wrong with the wiring, or wrong with the relay. like i said a standard spdt or spst relay does the trick on these.
  • (deleted) What's going on with the relay - if operating normally is this:

    The Pioneer AVH models cannot see a ground on the relay before the radio turns on. The remote turn on wire turns on a second or so after the radio powers on which acts as the positive input for the relay's coil. The negative on 86 completes the circuit and activates the relay's coil which connects 30 (ground) to 87 (normally open - normally open means that when the relay is NOT energized the circuit is open - so 87 is NOT connected to 30 until the relay is energized).

    A relay is basically a switch. If you wire in a switch and it works with one flip of the switch - that's the same as what the relay does, just automatically.
  • Jonathon Baugh I understand that. The problem is i tried three different relays and i got the same result.
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